The Alchemist

"RemServ has many important benefits and iP24 continue to introduce new important features. RemServ now alerts us to the potential tampering of cameras, even capturing the final image of how and by whom the camera was moved.

Stricter licensing agreements and a responsibility to maintain effective, 24-hour security in and around all our premises means we can no longer take the gamble that some of our CCTV cameras may be switched off, be faulty or have been tampered with. RemServ eliminates this risk and, as a result, I'll continue to install it as the standard across all our pubs and restaurants."

Beva Investments Ltd

David has the option to view a RemServ exceptions report, which details only the issues that require his attention. “If I need quick reassurance that our systems are functioning correctly, this feature gives me an
instant status report on critical issues, without the need to scan a detailed report. The same reports I receive are also sent to iP24 engineers, so they are usually aware of any issues before I am. This means a repair strategy
has already swung into operation before the system or site security can be compromised by malfunctioning hardware - that’s a great reassurance.”

British Car Auctions (BCA)

iP24 employ several solutions to assist BCA depending upon the individual needs of the site. Thermalert 24 is a thermal detection solution which detects intruders’ body heat and allows high quality CCTV to track the intruder’s movements and record them as they move around the site. The best way of detecting perimeter breaches.

BCA have invested in IP CCTV camera upgrades. This allows for a variety of different camera analytics options to be available. It also allows us employ Remserv 24 which automatically monitors the operation and maintenance status of remote CCTV systems every hour of every day. It highlights faults or tampering, whenever they occur. This allows us to support BCA’s need for perfectly performing CCTV systems and gives them transparency in seeing how their systems are performing.