British Car Auctions (BCA)

BCA invest in security with iP24

British Car Auctions (BCA) is Europe’s largest vehicle remarketing company and sells over 600,000 vehicles in the UK annually, delivering a wide range of services to buyers and sellers of used vehicles. BCA have embraced iP24 as their security partner and employ many of their solutions.


BCA’s network includes 32 UK remarketing centres – including BCA Blackbushe in Surrey, which is the largest vehicle remarketing centre in Europe. Securing these sites whilst protecting vehicle stock and the safety of the public on sale days is a critical task. As BCA is a remarketing company, the vehicle stock belongs to third parties – so any losses or damage to this stock impacts BCA’s own bottom line. Subsequently protecting the sites and vehicle stock from intruders is of vital importance. Providing high quality detection, across large scale sites, with high value stock is a formidable challenge.


iP24 employ several solutions to assist BCA depending upon the individual needs of the site. Thermalert 24 is a thermal detection solution which detects intruders’ body heat and allows high quality CCTV to track the intruder’s movements and record them as they move around the site. The best way of detecting perimeter breaches.

BCA have invested in IP CCTV camera upgrades. This allows for a variety of different camera analytics options to be available. It also allows us employ Remserv 24 which automatically monitors the operation and maintenance status of remote CCTV systems every hour of every day. It highlights faults or tampering, whenever they occur. This allows us to support BCA’s need for perfectly performing CCTV systems and gives them transparency in seeing how their systems are performing.

Cloud 24 is an access control solution which BCA employs on some of their car parks. We team high quality ANPR cameras with a cloud-based management solution to allow the team to control which cars are allowed in which areas of the site.

BidReview is a solution developed specifically for BCA. It allows the teams to review auction hall activity during a sale and in real time deal with fraudulent bidding, which had previously been a significant problem.