Beva Investments Ltd

Protecting commercial properties through innovation

iP24 work closely with Beva Investments. With an impressive portfolio of industrial units, offices and distribution premises across the North West of England, Beva have to ensure their premises are well protected. Beva have engaged iP24 for security system installations supported by maintenance packages including our innovative RemServ tool.

Multi-site security

As part of its facilities management package, Beva provides out-of-hours security monitoring. With a large and diverse property portfolio, providing effective security at each site is imperative. Beva need to not only protect the properties themselves, but also the relationship between Beva as landlord and their client, the business tenant. To provide peace of mind for their tenants, Beva employ a network of CCTV which covers site access, fence line perimeters and common traffic areas. Maintaining such a large quantity of cameras as well as other integrated security systems is a huge challenge.


David Cheetham, Project Manager at Beva Investments explains:“Beva invest in integrated security solutions including access control to site entry/exit points, perimeter fencing and external motion sensor detection linked to alarm triggers. All CCTV images and alarms are transmitted to our own dedicated monitoring centre. Security staff monitor CCTV images and any alarms that may be triggered and can issue PA warning announcements should any unauthorised persons be detected.

Typically, the kind of incidents we deal with are quite varied, from damage to parked cars, unauthorised site access, to missing door-step milk deliveries! Additionally, not only can I select and view all sites on my desktop PC, but when I’m out of the office, I can also view them on a mobile device, ensuring I have constant contact with any eventuality. As we are responsible for security across the property portfolio and employ a broad spectrum of security technologies, we opted for iP24’s RemServ solution to provide us with real-time assurance that our systems are always performing at 100%. The last thing anyone wants is to find out is that there’s no post incident CCTV footage available to view due to a previously undetected system issue.”


David has the option to view a RemServ exceptions report, which details only the issues that require his attention. “If I need quick reassurance that our systems are functioning correctly, this feature gives me an instant status report on critical issues, without the need to scan a detailed report. The same reports I receive are also sent to iP24 engineers, so they are usually aware of any issues before I am. This means a repair strategy has already swung into operation before the system or site security can be compromised by malfunctioning hardware – that’s a great