The Alchemist


iP24 supplies our innovative RemServ tool to many hospitality venues. Their IT dept recognised immediate business benefits in the hospitality environment. “RemServ can be retrofitted to all types of incumbent DVR installations, automatically monitoring the operation and maintenance status of remote CCTV systems, every minute of the day.”

A daily email report to the client provides an update on the status of every camera, or, as is the service agreement with the Alchemist, only highlights ‘exceptions’ to regular performance levels. Furthermore, by the time the client is made aware of a potential issue, iP24’s experienced service desk will have already interpreted the alert and actioned an appropriate response. Jen Heaton, facilities coordinator at the Alchemist said: “RemServ is secure and operational at all times. The daily email informs us of any issues at the start of the day meaning we can action and resolve any known issues ASAP.”

Having remote access to the system means most faults can be cleared without the need to send an engineer to the site, saving both time and money. If an engineer is despatched, it will usually be a ‘first time fix’ as the fault will have been pre-identified prior to arrival.


“RemServ has many important benefits and iP24 continues to introduce new important features. RemServ now alerts us to the potential tampering of cameras, even capturing the final image of how and by whom the camera was moved.

Stricter licensing agreements and a responsibility to maintain effective, 24-hour security in and around all our premises means we can no longer take the gamble that some of our CCTV cameras may be switched off, be faulty or have been tampered with. RemServ eliminates this risk and, as a result, I’ll continue to install it as the standard across all our pubs and restaurants.”