Here at IP24, one of the largest sectors we supply, install and provide security maintenance for is the automotive industry. We can create a perfect partnership with your business through technological innovation and cloud-based software for an unrivalled vehicle management security solution. We believe we have created an integrated solution for car park management, vehicle tracking and full remote management. IP24 spotted the opportunity to combine ANPR automation and cloud-based software. From private car parks, vehicle storage compounds, distribution warehouses and road traffic monitoring, IP24’s solutions and Cloud24 integration can provide an all-encompassing security package that protects your business premises.

ANPR – (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

ANPR, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology, is a simple, effective way of recording registrations that come in and out of a site or location. IP24’s ANPR cameras are built on a user-friendly system that can be remotely accessed via the internet and on any device with cloud-based software. You can search for the registration of the desired vehicle via an installed application, which will then give you all the details you require about that vehicle.

IP24’s ANPR solution provides security by installing and maintaining the following:

  • HD Cameras with intelligent vehicle registration recognition built-in.
  • Secure and Scalable Cloud Software; ideal for multi-site monitoring.
  • Minimal on-site footprint with 98% read accuracy
  • Access control for fully automated, one-time or permanent vehicle access

An example of the sheer scale of our capabilities would be our client, British Car Auctions, on a number of their sites across the UK. We strategized that a simple vehicle entry/exit system would be needed to protect a site where upwards of 800 vehicles could be present at any given period. Therefore, placing restrictions on specific areas of their sites was a must and provided a user-friendly, secure solution to managing vehicle movement across the premises. IP24 also protects Manchester’s famous ‘Ring of Steel’ using ANPR technology to provide secure and limited access to one of the busiest city centres in the UK. In partnering with IP24, Manchester City Council opted for a complete ANPR management reporting system that controls vehicle access via bollards. Security in the city centre is paramount, and with IP24 technology, only a select group of vehicles are allowed entry into the area. Given the size of this project, it was important for MCR council to partner with a security firm with cloud-based software capabilities and remote monitoring expertise. This was necessary to hold and handle a high level of data and requests and provide complete protection and technical support when needed.

CCTV Remote Monitoring

Our technology can take HD and thermal images and offer an audio challenge as a direct warning. We can capture an intruder’s exact location and position, regardless of any concealment attempts or environmental factors. Our maintenance team can then follow any would-be intruder, providing analytics, visuals and the exact location to any on-the-ground security or the relevant authorities. For our customers, this technology means they can take the appropriate course of action as they’re presented with all the facts. This added integration offers complete peace of mind that you’re prepared and protected at all times should any unusual event occur.