• CloudPass

    CloudPass offers construction companies the best of both worlds with its innovative cloud-based technology. It provides real-time data on workers’ locations and movements throughout their shifts and reports for pre-enrolment, online inductions delivery management or any other requirement you may have! IP24 want to ensure you have the right person for the job, which is why with CloudPass, there is CSCS integration.

  • Pre-Enrolment

    CloudPass Pre-enrolment is a revolutionary solution designed to streamline the enrolment process for contractors. Instead of manually completing enrolments at multiple sites, CloudPass enables you to terminate enrolment in one place and efficiently distribute it to your chosen sites. It’s simple, effective and incredibly time-saving!

    With CloudPass Pre-enrolment, contractors can complete their enrolment from any device –mobile phones, tablets or PCs – meaning they can start work quickly and efficiently. The platform also supports a range of different documents, such as photographic ID, professional references or qualifications, so that all relevant information is securely collected in one place. What’s more, the CloudPass Pre-enrolment solution offers additional security features, such as encryption technology for data protection. Thanks to its straightforward user interface and intuitive design, contractors will find navigating and completing their enrolment on CloudPass a breeze.

    With this level of convenience at your fingertips, you can ensure that contractors are enrolled quickly and seamlessly into your system, improving efficiency and reducing paperwork.

  • Time & Attendance

    CloudPass Time and Attendance is the ultimate cloud-based platform for tracking employee hours, attendance and more. It eliminates the need for manual processes such as clocking-in cards and outdated systems. With CloudPass Time and Attendance, businesses can accurately monitor their staff or contractors’ working times without worrying about potential human errors.

    This system offers advanced reporting capabilities that give businesses a detailed breakdown of employees’ or contractors’ hours worked. The reporting suite provides comprehensive analytics on individual time entries with details such as when an employee logged in, how long they worked, what type of work they did and who approved the time entry. This data can be used to forecast future staffing needs or understand how employees are performing against budgeted targets.

    CloudPass Time and Attendance also helps prevent time theft by providing accurate real-time data on when employees are clocking in and out. It tracks time based on geographical locations so employers can see if employees have arrived at the job site on time.

  • Online Induction

    CloudPass Online Induction is an innovative platform that provides a fast, safe and easy way to manage employee induction in any workplace. CloudPass streamlines the process of getting vital information to new staff before they enter the workplace and help ensure they have correctly understood all relevant protocols, policies and procedures. The platform includes a built-in test which assesses whether users have viewed and understood the induction materials. This helps employers ensure that all staff members know the safety measures and allows them to manage safety risks on-site better.