Here at IP24, we believe our security services are on another level than our competitors.

We strive to create bespoke packages based on sector. By matching the correct application to the right industry, our clients have security based on need, not wants and are not oversold products of no use to them.

Key benefits of the access pod include:

  • One time enrolment

    This can then be distributed to your chosen sites to monitor access. Staff seeking access can complete the enrolment process via mobile, tablet or PC devices.

  • Digital Attendance

    Make timesheets a thing of the past with digital clocking in & out. Timesheets have a well-earned reputation for causing chaos, particularly with human error and attempts at time theft.

    IP24 can provide a thorough breakdown of permanent, contract and temporary staff, time and attendance records.

  • Online Induction

    Get essential information to individuals looking to work, deliver or pick up from the site before they even arrive.

    This makes the management of your workforce fast and user-friendly. As well as ensuring your workplace is safe for all employees at all times.

  • Cloud-based technologies

    From complete reporting systems to CloudPass contractor and supplier access, IP24’s cloud-based technologies expertise can simplify your security without diminishing effectiveness.

    Monitor time and attendance in hourly, daily or weekly reports and for contract or supply staff, create a designated CloudPass management system.

    You can set and manage permissions and accept, decline or revoke access to one or multiple sites.


ANPR Cameras / Access Control

IP24’s HD ANPR cameras, combined with cloud technology, are the perfect vehicle and container management solution. For many distribution centres, a significant problem can occur with temporary or agency staff and drivers picking the wrong container or pallet. ANPR technology makes this problem a thing of the past!

Our superior high-definition cameras are placed at the entry and exit points. They can read the exact registration of a goods vehicle. This registration can then be searched and matched up to a pallet, with precise details available to both driver and warehouse. If any part of a pallet and vehicle’s information doesn’t match up, barriers will not rise. By solving the problem of goods turning up at the wrong destination, IP24’s ANPR and cloud technology can ensure the right pallet leaves with the right vehicle and driver every time!