When it comes to hospitality, IP24 have already made our mark in the sector by helping businesses achieve licensing and providing complete protection of assets with innovative security solutions. Some of our leading partners include The Alchemist, Gusto and Australasia, meaning we are a name you can trust.

IP24 provides CCTV support and maintenance packages for your hospitality venue across the UK. CCTV protects not only your venue but also staff and guests alike. Many of our clients encounter a problem: their existing CCTV systems lack comprehensive maintenance support on often outdated equipment.

This is where IP24 can be the difference-maker to your venue, and here’s how!

  • How we protect

    For many hospitality venues, CCTV or a lack of it can result in premature closure and loss of trading licence. By law, a hospitality destination looking to trade with the public must have a high-quality CCTV system in place. Traditional CCTV maintenance, often reliant on security staff, can lead to faults with camera operation and function only being detected after the fact or, worse, after a security incident.

    IP24’s innovative solution to make problems like the above a thing of the past is RemServ. RemServ is a 24hr, 365 days a year health check system for CCTV systems. This technology can register any errors or faults in your CCTV systems and provide a daily email report to our clients. By providing a status update on every camera installed in any venue, IP24 believe we are at the forefront of hospitality security.

  • How we preserve

    For clients opting for remote monitoring maintenance, our technical team will work to identify and correct faults as and when they occur. More often than not, when a client is made aware of a fault, our service desk will have already correctly caught and fixed the problem. This cost-effective approach to security means that you are saving money and time on external engineer costs and repairs. You’re also preventing security incidents or CCTV failures before they can even occur!

    In the unlikely event that our remote monitoring service team cannot fix the issue and an on-site engineer is needed, RemServ again lends a helping hand. Our engineers can arrive at your premises fully prepared and with the equipment to perform a first-time fix.

    All thanks to the data that RemServ has already provided!

  • How we defend

    For many of our hospitality partners, theft by customers and temporary staff was a big problem. Their existing CCTV systems were leaving them under-protected to catch would-be perpetrators. IP24 defends your premises by linking your existing CCTV to tills or payment points as a precautionary measure, which prevents any attempted thefts. By linking CCTV to transactions, a business can clearly see staff and the general public in real-time, with high-definition image quality and recording. As part of modern licensing laws, evidential imagery must be recorded for up to 30 days.

    IP24’s HD cameras can provide crystal clear imagery and video 24hrs a day. This ensures that should any security events happen, you are fully prepared and protected with irrefutable evidence.