Here at IP24, our industrial security services protect workers operating in some of the UK’s harshest environments.

Whether working in a mine, quarry or waste removal centre, many hazards exist, including controlled explosions and chemically-separated materials.

That’s why it’s our job to provide innovative security solutions that preserve, protect, and defend your business and employees.

Longcliffe Quarry

One industrial client we have had great success with is Longcliffe Calcium Carbonates. Strict health and safety guidelines are in place to help protect operators and surveyors, and temporary and permanent visitors to a site. Inadequate or inefficient CCTV or security measures then become a real problem. A failure in either of these could result in an incident or specific machines being put out of operation.

IP24’s solution was to provide substantial upgrades by retrofitting CCTV to output higher-quality imagery. We also installed our RemServ health check system to monitor the performance of each site’s CCTV system. These new system installations have had measurable success for Longcliffe. IP24’s cameras monitor vital plant equipment and ensure all processed material is of the appropriate size. This has reduced accidental machinery damage significantly, reducing downtime, bringing repair costs to a minimum and improving plant efficiency.

Industrial Security Services IP24 can provide

Depending on your needs, there are many innovative security solutions that IP24 can provide business in the industrial sector. ANPR is an incredibly innovative system that can prevent and deter commercial tipping that often plagues local waste recycling centres. Commercial tipping is “dumping” materials at local centres that do not have the licence or facilities for recycling materials, such as building waste or house clearance items.

By having ANPR installed at your recycling centre and others within your area/portfolio, any potential “fly-tippers” can be denied access. Our ANPR systems can flag any registration with unusual activity at multiple sites. This catches any would-be culprits before they can even attempt to commercial or fly tip.

ThermAlert is another vital tool we recommend our clients in the industrial sector consider. Having ThermAlert analytics within a CCTV system allows you to identify accurate temperatures to combat waste combustion. Waste Fires are a real danger at recycling centres or on-site. Often hidden, there can often be no indication or sign of fire. You could unwittingly disturb a fire, causing it to flare out of control with little or no warning. IP24’s ThermAlert can detect minute temperature changes with an accuracy of 3°c. The temperature of waste increases just before the point of combustion. You are giving yourself an early warning system by having analytics that can detect temperature rises. On-site teams can then step in and take preventative action if necessary.