Local Authority

Here at IP24, our Local Authority security services are designed to be tailored to the specific needs of Local Authorities. A significant example of our work in providing innovative security solutions to a local authority would be providing a bespoke ANPR solution on Manchester City Centre’s ‘Ring of Steel” incorporating Canal Street, Market Street and other key locations in the city. This system incorporates CCTV cameras into bollards to provide a restricted access circuit across the city. Only individuals with access credentials can enter this area, ensuring the safety of businesses and residents alike.

IP24 Local Authority Services

Whether it is ensuring the safety and security of people and property, protecting public health or safeguarding businesses, IP24 can provide a bespoke package that meets all Local Authority requirements. From access control systems to CCTV surveillance and intruder alarms, IP24 provides an array of options for Local Authorities. IP24’s Local Authority security solutions are not just limited to traditional hardware-based systems.

We also offer a range of managed services such as monitoring, maintenance and support. Ensuring that Local Authority properties remain secure, even in an emergency or disruption, is our No.1 priority to our clients. Our digital capabilities can provide real-time data and analytics to understand local authorities’ needs better. This allows our maintenance teams to identify potential threats or vulnerabilities quickly.

For Local Authorities that require a more comprehensive security solution, IP24 can provide integrated system options which combine various technologies into one innovative package. This allows Local Authorities to create a unified security network across all their premises, ensuring maximum coverage and protection. These solutions come with the highest levels of data encryption and customer support for optimum assurance.

Protect, Preserve & Defend

IP24 is dedicated to providing Local Authorities with the highest quality security services that meet their exacting standards. With an extensive range of systems and managed services available, Local Authorities can trust IP24 to safeguard people, property and public health in any situation. By partnering with IP24 Local Authorities guarantee the latest security technology, reliable customer service and peace of mind.