Access Control

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Access Control

IP24’s Access Control System is a comprehensive solution for businesses that need to regulate access to premises, buildings and areas.

Our system is compatible with biometric, card and fob technologies to ensure a secure access control solution.

The flexible system can be used as a basic one-door control or scaled up to a fully networked IP multi-site system with a central server, local PC, or cloud functionality, providing businesses with ultimate security.

How does Access Control work?

The access control system from IP24 offers users the ability to set specific permissions for each user group, allowing authorised people to enter restricted areas of the building at certain times of day and with individual privileges.

For example, on a construction site where there is hazardous equipment, you will want to allow access to only personnel with the relevant health and safety training.

IP24’s Access Control system is an advanced, secure system for controlling entry, managing time and supervising exits to a facility. It works using an integrated suite of technologies and software applications to provide comprehensive identification, authentication and authorisation services.

  • WHO

    The system identifies the person or vehicle requesting access via fobs, cards, biometric credentials such as face or finger scans, or number plate recognition cameras (ANPR).

    Once the identity is established, the system proceeds with authentication – confirming that the user is who they say they are.

    The user is then authorised based on their permissions and privileges within the access control system.


    For an access control system to work, a physical access point such as a door, turnstile, gate, barrier or bollard will be required.

  • WHEN

    At each physical access point – doors, turnstiles, gates, barriers or bollards – IP24’s Access Control will apply time restrictions or access requirements allowing only those with the right credentials to gain entry at the appropriate time.

    The system also provides a secure audit trail of all entries and exits from designated areas to quickly identify and rectify any deviation from policy.