Here at IP24, our CCTV systems are sold as a solution to your security issues, not just as individual fixes that paper over the problem. Preserving your business, protecting your people and defending your property is the mantra of IP24. We do this through innovation in products, services and maintenance.

We’re not here to overcharge and oversell products that will not suit your needs and ultimately make your business less secure. Our CCTV maintenance contracts are placed firmly in the hands of our customers. This sets us apart from our competitors and gives a level of flexibility in security that many of our customers have never had before! Our team will evaluate your needs, test your current CCTV set-up and provide a price list of innovative products at the best price possible.

Leaders in Innovation – RemServ* Connectivity

IP24 has been a leader in innovation since our inception. By recognising the recurring problems in our industry, we have found the solution with the cloud-based surveillance technology, RemServ!

RemServ offers a 24hr health check of your CCTV systems that provides real-time updates on the status and health of your security. Via cloud-based technology, you can access a range of status reports that look for faults based on a traffic light system:

  • RED – e.g. connectivity issues
  • AMBER – e.g. camera functionality impaired
  • GREENNo errors/faults; CCTV fully operational

These checks are completed at 15-minute intervals, with the system checked in full once a day.

In the background, our technical support team will work remotely via the following process:

  • Manage RemServ customers online via a dashboard that incorporates multiple sites, eliminating the outlay of engineer costs.
  • Detect red and amber issues to convert them to green
  • Allows device fixes to be attempted and achieved via cloud-technology

Whereas our competitors will go blind to a problem until they arrive on-site, potentially causing costly security delays, RemServ allows IP24 to fix 70% of issues remotely! Field engineers are available for more serious errors. They will liase with tech support to arrive to you, equipped and prepared with all the correct information, to fix the problem the first time!

*RemServ is included as standard in our Gold Maintenance Package. To find out more, speak to our customer service team here.