Cloud 24 & ANPR


A perfect partnership to provide an unrivalled vehicle management solution.

By partnering the technologies of ANPR with a cloud-based management system, we have created an integrated vehicle management solution.

We install superior high-definition ANPR cameras and partner these with Cloud24, an incredibly easy-to-use system that is accessible on any device where an internet connection is available.

  • Examples of where Cloud24 can be used

    • Revenue Car Parks
    • Private Car Parks
    • Petrol Stations
    • Vehicle Storage Compounds
    • Waste Recycling Centres
    • Distribution Warehouses
    • Road Traffic Profiling
    • Road Traffic Monitoring
  • Cloud 24 integrates with

    • Barriers
    • Intercoms
    • LED Matrix Screens
    • Vehicle Presence Sensors
    • QR Scanners
  • Simple Secure & Scalable

    Our cloud-based management software is hosted within the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform system which has been designed with scalability in mind. This means you can control a single site or multiple sites with ease.

  • Minimal On-site Footprint

    Cloud24 certified ANPR cameras have a smart vehicle number plate recognition technology built-in, to reduce the onsite footprint compared to a traditional ANPR installation.
    This is available for both car park and roadside mounted applications, with an impressive read success rate of 98%.

  • Access Control

    Our cloud-based management software contains full access control built-in. This allows barriers to be fully automated for either one-time or permanent vehicle access. An advanced visitor management system with real-time alerts works alongside theCloud24 access control system to provide a superb level of efficiency.