Intruder Alarms

IP24 are committed to ensuring a safer environment for your business with our intruder alarm systems.

At IP24, we aim to provide our customers with a security solution that:

  • Preserves your business
  • Protects your people
  • Defends your property

We do not want your business to become a statistic, and with our technology and support, you can get the ultimate security system with IP24.

Intruder Alarm System

IP24’s sophisticated intruder alarm applications are designed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial businesses. We offer single or multi-site control intruder alarm systems with access control and CCTV systems integration.

IP24 has a range of alarm systems for you to choose from.

Choose from standard ‘bells only’ alarms to alarm systems with secure dual path signalling through to our alarm receiving centre. At IP24, we work with you to develop a detailed system design strategy for your security needs. Comprehensive system schematics, site drawings and wiring schedules are all security requirements that are met in our system design process.

Our design process from our technicians will analyse your current security setup through a risk assessment. The assessment will identify the best design layout to protect your business premises completely through our security requirements. Our risk assessments will be based on a 2-4 grading system, which identifies your property’s level of risk. The higher the risk of intruders, the greater the grade. Grade 2 would involve domestic buildings. Grade 3 would apply to commercial buildings, and Grade 4 would be high-risk buildings such as banks.

Higher-grading buildings and facilities will be protected with a police response should an intruder trigger the alarm.


IP24 is conscious of keeping up with new regulations and improving the standards of our security systems. This is why we have complied with all regulations as we strive towards providing a complete security system for our customers. IP24 is certified by leading certification body SSAIB for providing security systems and services. To maintain standards, we complete 2 inspections annually to ensure our technology keeps you safe. IP24 ensure all alarm installations meet the latest British and European safety regulations.