RemServ + Support

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RemServ 24 is a health check for your CCTV system. RemServ 24 registers systems that have faults and reports them to you daily. In the meantime, our technical support team will be working remotely to try and identify and correct the fault. If they need to schedule an engineer visit, our engineer will arrive with an improved idea of what is wrong, increasing the chance of a firsttime fix. It is cost-effective and can be added to almost any incumbent system.

RemServ Solution

Many industries find themselves with a need for CCTV reliability to remain compliant with operating legislation and insurance companies. To ensure they are
trading appropriately they must ensure their systems are fully operational. The traditional approach has been to contract themselves to maintenance agreements.
This alone is no longer robust enough. If the system goes into fault the day after a visit, it could remain so for a considerable period of time depending on the maintenance agreement. The fault could be identified and reported by an employee, but in many circumstances, employees only access the security systems if there is an incident.

At iP24, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to providing security solutions for your business. One of our most successful products is RemServ 24. Available for installation on almost any incumbent CCTV system, RemServ 24 will contact each camera and control system every 15 minutes and send you a report daily, highlighting faults.

RemServ 24 allows our team of technical support engineers to remotely access your CCTV system. They can diagnose problems and action some repairs to correct the fault. If they cannot get the system back online, they will escalate the issue and schedule an engineer visit. Out technical support team will brief the engineer on what actions they have been able to perform remotely. This increases the chance of a firsttime fix and subsequently a shorter downtime for you the client.