ThermAlert – Thermal Detection

ThermAlert is a critical integration that is revolutionising perimeter intruder detection technology.

ThermAlert is IP24’s CCTV with in-built thermal detection technology to disrupt and respond to any would-be intruders!

Our robust integrated systems are designed to fit any customer who needs perimeter security around their premises.

Perimeter Intruder Detection

  • Whether your site is 100m or 10km, ThermAlert combines high-definition CCTV imagery and thermal tracking to act as the ultimate deterrent for vehicle and parts theft.

    IP24’s ThermAlert technology tracks all ranges of intruders, from humans to animals, and reports any perimeter breach in your first line of defence.

    Our technology can take both HD and thermal images and offer an audio challenge as a direct warning, capturing an intruder’s exact location and position, regardless of any attempts of concealment or environmental factors.

    ThermAlert is the latest form of detection technology with its security personnel alerting and monitoring station.

    IP24’s ThermAlert remote monitoring centre traces the intruder from entry as they move around the premises.

    Should you need police assistance, you can liaise with the relevant authorities without alerting any would-be thief.

    This added integration offers complete peace of mind that should any unusual event occur, your premises is prepared and protected at all times.

  • ThermAlert brings together the best of thermal technology to virtually cut out false alarms completely:

    The second function of ThermAlert is to detect potential ignition points in waste management facilities.

    By detecting variations in temperature, ThermAlert24 can identify where a fire will occur before ignition takes place, giving you the opportunity to take action and reduce the risk of fire.

    Our installations have resulted in a vast improvement in the effectiveness of our on-site security and site management by reducing false alarms.

    With one of our largest accounts, iP24 are successfully protecting multi sites with multi million pounds to protect all through the power of ThermAlert!